How to Care for your Growing Jewellery

So you have received your growing jewellery and now how do you look after it???

Here are a few instructions on the care and growing of your piece. To begin with soak the pod in clean water using your pipette. It is easier to start with the dry pod inside your piece as it will expand when wet and may become difficult to get back inside the jewellery. Water the pod until it is saturated and then place in a sunny place to start growing. Full sunlight is acceptable, but it will need to be watered more frequently as the sun causes the water to evaporate quickly. Indoors on a windowsill or sunny room works well. The pods should be watered at least once everyday, more often is fine as they grow well when moist. If you forget to water them before the grass sprouts, its fine as the seeds will just dry out and can be used again. Once they have sprouted, however, the pods will die if you forget to water them for a few consecutive days. The pods usually take about a week to start sprouting, live for a few weeks and then gradually wither and die after that. When the pods die they can be thrown in the compost or garden to decompose, they are made from 100% safely biodegradable components. If you find the silver starts to tarnish from the water, simply rub the tarnish off with a polishing cloth or if you like the effect, feel free to keep it!


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