New Work

So I have been working on some new designs over the last couple of weeks and today finished off three necklaces. They are different to my last series in a few ways. One, they are designed to hold small seedlings instead of grass pods. I thought it would be interesting to experiment with small, cage-like structures. The cages are a comment on people’s interactions with nature, we seem obsessed with either caging nature – in many ways, we create structured gardens/farming systems, we designate areas as nature reserves, we have botanic gardens in the middle of urban/metropolitan areas – or we cage nature, trying to protect it from ourselves.

The wee little cages are built so that the tiny seedling can survive being worn and bounced around on a chain. It will be interesting to see how they go functionally, or if all the soil will tip out the first time it’s worn. We shall soon see šŸ™‚ I thought I would put up some pics of the potting process in miniature for looksies, so read on…

IMG_0296I picked some little plants from the ground outside my studio. I think they are all weeds, lol, I wonder what that says about the work? I’ll leave that to art writers to think about, I’m sure there is a valid metaphor in that somewhere.

IMG_0300I then used a fine seive to collect very small grains of soil/humus for the seedlings, from a bag of potting mix. With the plants and jewellery on such a tiny scale, I think this very fine soil mix will work the best, no big sticks or lumps of fertiliser. Seedlings also grow very well in this type of soil as there are no large barriers for them to push past. Probably proper gardeners would think I am wasting my time doing this, but when I grow from seed I always start them off in a tiny pot of this stuff and it seems to work well. I also feed my little plantlings water with my growing jewellery pipettes, so maybe I am taking it a little too far…

IMG_0305I then used some very high tech gardening gear (my fingers and a stick) to fill the jewellery with the prepared soil and place the little weedlings inside.

IMG_0303Et Voila! Some potted up growing jewellery. I then took them to Sam from Talys Photography who will take some much better pics for me and she is babysitting them for a while.

IMG_0308I am a little worried this guy looks like an American football players helmet…bit hard to see that from this angle but it really does. Hmmm, not 100% sure how I feel about that.


5 responses to “New Work

  1. Such a great idea Clare! And they look so beautiful too.

  2. Hi Clare just wondering if you make these on commission?

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