First Overseas Participant!

The project has just gone international with the first overseas participant receiving some jewellery today! The lovely Erica from the USA will be playing foster carer to a growing necklace. She got the necklace in the post today and pointed out to me that she received it on Earth Day. It seems like the stars are lining up and everything is coming together.

Due to customs restrictions, I wasn’t able to send Erica a pre-made pod so she will be filling a little cotton gauze casing I sent through with her own seeds and seeing what she can grow. I really look forward to seeing the results! Don’t forget, if you want to raise your own piece of growing jewellery for a time, just send me an email at and I will get one out to you asap! I just ask you to give me some pics, notes, writings, feedback or something similar for me to pop onto the blog so we can all have a look at the experience.


4 responses to “First Overseas Participant!

  1. They look awesome, great idea.

  2. I need to foster a pendant ASAP. exciting contemporary jewelley

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