Kim’s Notes

17/09/10 Day one

I am very excited about recieving an express post article from Clare Poppi

I wonder what I will find inside? I have some ideas about what will be in there, and the propect is very exciting..

A return express post bag

And a cardboard box… how interesting

Packaged in a teatowel and rubber band

and a note with my name and the date

I unravel the note and skip straight to what might be wrapped up in the tea towel

I find a stuning sterling silver and wooden ring inside with a peat pod that must have the seeds in it

I put it on my middle finger and it fits perfectly,

This ring is finished beautifully, I cant wait to start the project

I read the note

OO I am very excited, this is such a cool concept

I find a little vase to put the ring in so that it sits flat whilst watering,

Maybe it will sprout before an exhibition opening I am going to on the weekend?

I water the pod…..and wait

After watering the pod, I dried the outside of the ring to try to keep the moisture off of the wood

I place it on my north facing window sill, Its not in full sun though, there is a verandah outside with laser light in it so the sunlight is quite filtered.



Almost one month on and I finally am getting around to documenting the growing jewellery project so far

The sprouts took 8 days to begin to appear and about another week to become lush.

A week later and it was time for a little mow, so the scissors came out

my ten year old neice has been utterly enthralled with the project and it has become a major talking point with family and friends.

The comments have ranged from abhorrence because of the strangeness of the project, by my more conservative family members, to absolute wonder from others who see this as a revolutionary step in combining adornment with horticulture.

The images I have included show the ring in full growth, being worn by my partner at 1am after a bit of a drunken jam!! ( on Wednesday night, 7.10.10)

The second series of images shows my neice enjoying watering and trimming the grass the following day on the 8th.

I will continue to keep you informed about the progress of the ring until I send it back to you in about 5 days.



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