Jungly’s outing to the AGM

Thursday 21Oct, Friday 22Oct and Saturday 23Oct
Kept watering Jungly making sure the growth remain full and lush.  The browning
process is more noticeable in the growth.  The lushness is wilting perhaps a trim
on the overgrown length may rejuvenate the growth …

Sunday 24 October 2010
A big day out with Jungly, it’s the JMGQ Annual Meeting in Graduate Centre, Southbanks.
A new Committee was elected with Clare Poppi, the new President.  In an exuberant
ambience, Jungly got a lot of attention.  Both Alison and Louisa were happy to slip Jungly on
and posed for the camera.  During lunch, Clare is pleased with Jungly and puts Andy in a
meditative mood!  Louisa has Jungly as her crown and looks grand.  Jungly next to Katie’s
appetizing lunch and blends in next to the avocado risotto!
PM: Jungly after the trim …
Some comments were how amazing it was to see Jungly’s growth go upwards, how soft the grass felt,
reminded one of a hawaiian grass skirt and how delicate it is as a bangle.

Alison Putting on jungly

Andy with Jungly

Clare's happy with Jungly

Jungly after a trim

Jungly fitting in with avocado risotto

Jungly next to Katie's lunch

Jungly on Alison's wrist

Louisa with Jungly as her crown

Louisa's happy with Jungly


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