Jungly feels the wind

What a windy weekend, I believed Jungly felt it too, here’s more update …

Sunday 17 October 2010
Boy! did it blow with temperature drop as well.  Poor Jungly did not like it either.
From Sat 16 Oct, Jungly’s lush long growth appeared knotty and wilting.  Today,
it’s quite obvious the cold doesn’t appeal.  As the sun is out, I’ve taken some
images showing Jungly appreciating the warmth.
PM:  As the wind kept its gusty whinge, the pod is dry again and have to water
for the evening.

Monday 18 October 2010
Keeping the pod moist.  While watering noticed a few browning tips on some
growth – perhaps hitting its maximum life span!  The browning adds contrast to
the green, silver bangle and moist pod patch.

Tuesday 19 October 2010
As the sun is out, wore Jungly whilst driving, it loves the warmth.  Aware of
the growth fragility and careful not to hit bangle against car objects!
PM: perhaps the sun is drying the pod, I’ve to water Jungly again.

Wednesday 20 October 2010
Took Jungly for an outing to Contemporary Artisan Collective Studio in
Lyons Terrace, Windsor.  Morgan wore it and was thrilled to have met Jungly.
After which Jungly said “hello” to various tough guys e.g. swinging on the
rolling mill handle, a “keep still” moment on the hydraulic press, staying well
away from Morgan’s metal piles and feeling comfortable on Sue’s table.
PM: Sue was soaked arriving in the downpour, she was holding Jungly gently.

comfortable at sue's bench

Driving with Jungly

In front of Morgan's metal piles

Jungly appears listless

Jungly loves the sun

Jungly on Joan's bench

Jungly's happy

Keeping still on the hydraulic press

More warmth

Morgan's thrilled with jungly

PM - Jungly picks up after warm sun

Sue gently holding Jungly

Sun is warming

swinging on the rolling mill handle


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