Encounter at Clothing Store

On Thursday last week I was wearing Alicia’s growing pendant. She was giving it back so I could remove the pod and put in a new one in, and during that time Alison would wear it to an art auction and see what response she could get (more on that soon). I popped into a clothing store whilst wearing it and had my very first encounter with the public while wearing a piece growing jewellery. The girl who was supervising the dressing rooms noticed it and asked me about it. I explained that it was for my honours project and gave her a little background. It was actually a very intimidating experience, publicly voicing my sustainable opinions and explaining why on earth I was wearing grass around my neck. I hadn’t thought it would be so nerve-wracking to talk to strangers about the issue.

She gave me some interesting feedback however. She could see the connection between the growing object and the environment. She felt it was thought provoking, because it was so strange looking it made you want to know more.

But most if all, important to me from this experience was that it opened up a dialogue between myself and a perfect stranger which would never have taken place before. It was a catalyst for discussion.

a bit awkward though…


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