Notes about Joan’s bangle

Further to my report last week, the growth of the seeds has multipled and I do have a tuft… Here’s some update

Sunday 03 October 2010

religiously watered the shoots, I’m known as Dr Death in the household, couldn’t let the poor seeds starve! Not without TLC!!! for this project. Noticed  the seeds are sprouting and more green tufts appearing. Miserably overcast outside, in fact showers. Being by the window sill the bangle/pod must recieve some goodness from the sun to speed the growth – very exciting to see.

Monday 4 October 2010

It’s as if by magic, the whole bangle is full of growth this morning. The previous lengthy shoot is now 3cm with the rest catching up… Still maintaining a moist surface for the shoots. So wonderful to see growth, yeah!

Tuesday 05 October 2010

This morining my husband jokingly said we need to get the lawn mower out to cut the tuft! It is indeed a tuft – it’s as if there is a competition to see who’s the longest? The growth is soft and refreshingly green and so many of them. As the bangle is placed on it’s side, the growth sprouted straight up and appear a “little green jungle” It would be a pity to wear the bangle and see the growth damage. I’ll think about it.


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