Joan’s bangle

soaked bangle in sun

2 images were taken on Sun 26Sep, one from when the bangle was soak trying to catch the bubble!


Sunday, 26 Sep 2010, 01.10pm
Started the project today, soaked the pod underwater for 10 minutes with bubbles trickling up to the surface, knew
the seeds were saying “hello!”  Placed the bangle in a container and on the windowsill next to the kitchen sink.

Monday, 27 Sep 2010
The pod’s dry, more water needed and quite often too.  The pipette is not easy to use, have to water at least twice.
The pod has expanded, more rounded and full –  the seeds must be moist with little bumps along the pod.

Tuesday, 28 Sep 2010
AM : noticed a little growth breaking through the pod, making sure it stays moist with enough sunlight.  Whenever
I put the bangle on, it’s very cold.  The metal feels heavy too.

Wednesday, 29 Sep 2010
Hey, hey, hey, more growth – obviously the seeds are responding to the care and attention (ehem!)  Notice with
advent of growth, more water is needed – thirsty little ones I’ll say …

Thursday, 30 Sep 2010
Growth more pronounced, a few is now 1.5 cm in length.  More growth is breaking through … more water is needed

Friday 01 Oct 2010
Not much sun the past days being overcast, keep watering and notice more shoots are getting stronger.
Have taken images of the growth on my left lower arm.

Here are Joan’s First Images!

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