Welcome to the Growing Jewellery Project Blog

This blog was created to document and publicize the Growing Jewellery Project. It is intended as a site for participants to log their notes and experiences about living with a piece of growing jewellery and as a place for the general public to explore the concept and view images and writing about the project. please feel free to explore the blog and post any appropriate messages. The more response the better!


3 responses to “Welcome to the Growing Jewellery Project Blog

  1. After several days of watering I have little red sprouts! Sensed some dampness as I wore it. Putting it in the rain gave it natural charge. Must be gentle and remember not to squash little sprouts. Watched it grow about 3mm through the day.

  2. Yay! It’s growing! Thanks Alicia for lending me the piece back again yesterday so I could have it photograhed. A few little sprouts were showing up in the images. I felt like I was baby-sitting the little guy though, I was watching to make sure it didn’t get squashed. I wanted to give it some water too, you know, return it all fed and looked after but I left it u to you instead!

  3. The first sprouts on mine were chopped off by a seat belt. The next lot were bumped off by someone touching it. I decided to leave it home for a few days to recover and regrow. This worked a lttle but then I had a group of people over for a meal. One of them found my brooch sitting in a bowl on the windowsill and passed it around the table… by the time I made it into the room all traces of growth were gone 😦

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