Work on Display at Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery

I have some of my growing work on display at “Contemporary Wearables ’13” at Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery. This is a link to a youtube clip about the biennial award exhibition and it shows a couple of shots of my work along with lots of other amazing contemporary jewellery.



Megan’s start to growing a brooch

One of our newest participants, Megan, has started growing a brooch. Here are a couple of shots of the first stages:




Death Progression

Death Progression

So Erica’s necklace has come to the end of its first life-cycle (this actually happened a few months ago, I have just been really slack about posting lately – as you can tell because the last post was in JUNE!!). She has made up this beautiful image which shows the stages of the necklaces end days of growth.

Fun with Lizards!

USA participant, Erica, has been having some fun with her growing necklace and her pet leopard gecko! How cool is that? Apparently they were pretty interested in the jewellery. Here are a couple of pics of the good times 🙂

image_1 image photo 1 photo 2


On the down-side, the grass is reaching the end of its life-cycle, with a few brown tips starting to come through. After a little trim, it seems to be perking up – but we will see how much longer it can grow for.

On Vacation with growing jewellery

Here is a report from Erica:

“I just got back from a mini vacation with my family and I have another update.  The necklace is so lovely and wild!  It’s growing out of control and the blades of grass are even shooting out of the tiny holes where the chain attaches to the pendant.  Every time I go out wearing the necklace people walk over to ask what it is, take a closer look, and of course touch it to see if the grass is real.

The grass pod fits snug as a bug so it has not slipped out and I never feel any moisture even wearing it directly after watering.  It is perfectly designed.  While I was in southern California I made sure to take plenty of photos.  I attached a few photos of my sisters, niece, and I wearing it.  It did get a bit hot in the desert, 105 degrees, and I noticed a little brown on the tips of the grass when I got home.  I’m debating wither or not I should give it a tiny trim or just let it do its thing?  Other than that I have continued watering it and storing it on my window shutters so that it gets plenty of sunlight.  I’m just so in love with this piece!”Roadtrip



Update from USA

Woo Hoo, I finally have a proper internet connection again, so updates should be more regular from now on. Here is what Erica had to say about her necklace which is growing well in sunny San Francisco:

“Just a few days later and this necklace has really flourished!  So beautiful and lush I was shocked at how quickly the shoots popped out almost over night.  I’ve been watering twice a day since I’ve been out in the heat quite a bit.  It has been in the 80’s here in the San Francisco – Easy Bay.  I think this jewelry piece loves the heat as much as I do. :)”



Erica’s first sprout

Just had great news that Erica (our USA participant) has had her first little shoot of grass pop out.

After wearing it in the sun all day yesterday, this morning it started growing.image_1 image